(above) Westlake School for Girls Alumni Reunion

(left)In May 2005, Joannie Parker won the Great Teacher Award from Westlake School for Girls. She retired in 1999, and Westlake had merged with Harvard even prior, so that so many alums voted for her was a great honor.


 "There is no teacher like Ms. Parker. There has not been even ONE day that has passed where the lessons she taught me don't influence how I live. She warned us the world would be different for us as women and gave us tools to get through. I love her so much and thank her for the unwavering believe in me and her other students. I have no question that I would have had a different life without her...and not as rich a life. From Walt Whitman to Adrienne Rich to Judy Chicago, she brought so many amazing artists and writers into our world. And she never failed to connect the literature to our lives. She armed us with confidence and literature and love...I salute the best teacher ever. God bless her!" Justine Stamen Arrillaga, Westlake Class of 1988